Perfmatters Review: The Best WordPress Performance Plugin

If you’re looking for an easy way to speed up your WordPress website, look no further than the Perfmatters plugin.

This plugin is incredibly easy to use and can be set up in just a few clicks.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to improve their website’s performance without having to learn coding or complicated optimization techniques.

Read my review for more information on how the Perfmatters plugin can help you speed up your WordPress website.

Perfmatters Review


  • Simple: Perfmatters is easy to use with simple toggle switches! The advanced features require WordPress knowledge, but experienced users can quickly apply settings to improve site performance.
  • Affordable: Perfmatters is a very affordable plugin. The dependable plugin only costs $25/year.
  • Documentation: If you have an issue or need help understanding the right settings, Perfmatters has great documentation! It’s likely they have already answered any questions you have.


  • Can Break Site: If you’re not careful, it is very easy to break your site by turning on and off the various Perfmatters settings. It’s important to test each setting on a staging site with a backup ready.

Bottom Line

Perfmatters is an easy-to-use, affordable WordPress plugin with great documentation. Be careful, some settings can break your site. For the price, it’s the best WordPress optimization plugin on the market.