Jasper AI Review: The Best Robot Writing Tool

Jasper AI Review

I’m an early adopter of Jasper.ai. I have been publishing content online since 2003.

After nearly 20 years of writing, I still get writer’s block, so I was intrigued by the idea of a tool that could help me write faster and easier.

There is a lot of hype around AI writing tools. Most think they are the future of content creation.

In this review, I’ll give my honest opinions of Jasper.ai, how I use the tool, and what I find most valuable.

Jasper AI Review


  • No Writer’s Block: My favorite thing about Jasper AI is that it helps me through my writer’s block. It provides a path toward creative writing whether I’m feeling it or not.
  • Unique Perspectives: I can’t tell you how many times Jasper has given me a unique perspective I hadn’t considered before in my writing. This helps me branch out and speak to larger audiences.
  • Nice Interface: The UI/UX design of Jasper AI is above the rest. The platform design makes it easy to use, understand, and navigate.
  • Fair Price: Jasper plans start at $29/month and offer a fair price. Once I learned the tool, I increased my productivity by 2x–well worth the monthly price.


  • Big Learning Curve: This is a complex writing tool. It took me a couple of months to understand how Jasper AI wants me to interact with it. Like my mom always said, “Garbage in, garbage out.” This rings true with Jasper. This tool doesn’t write for you, it assists you.
  • SEO Concerns: Google has stated that tools like Jasper are considered auto-generated content and would harm your SEO. I think that depends on how you use the tool. Just remember, it’s a writing assistant, not a writer.

Bottom Line

Jasper AI is a writing platform that helps writers overcome writer’s block and produce unique content. The tool has a great user interface and is affordable. Jasper AI is a complex writing tool that takes time to learn how to use properly; using it incorrectly can result in poor quality content.