Hello, I’m Jeremy Koering

I’m a website designer in Las Vegas that has been building profitable websites for over 18 years using WordPress, SEO, and AI.

My Timeline

  • 2003: I learn how to code by building fan sites for my favorite bands
  • 2005: I launch my first WordPress website and begin selling advertising to major record labels.
  • 2009: I attend college to study graphic design and art.
  • 2011: I start a job with a tour promotions company based in Nashville. Unfortunately, after a couple of years, the company ran out of money.
  • 2013: I begin an agency called KOER Creative and start working as a freelance graphic and web designer.
  • 2014: I start KOER Media and began publishing content online.
  • 2017: I get married to my beautiful wife Sarah.
  • 2020: I rebrand my agency to JeremyKoering.com.
  • 2021: I become an early-adopter of AI generated content.
  • 2022: I launch LasVegasTrip.com, a free Las Vegas travel guide.
  • 2023: I start Authority Blocks, a premium WordPress tool that allows users to quickly create powerful blocks of content.

My Skills

AI Generated Content

My Recent Posts

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